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Dynasty is a contemporary, customer focused estate planning business offering the drafting of Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney documents, as well as support with finance and probate.

Dynasty prides itself on customer care, guiding the customer through the entire process with a tailored, empathetic approach.


The Dynasty name and logo are based on lions. Lions know a lot about family, they will do anything to protect their pride to ensure their dynasty continues. We can help you ensure your dynasty continues, helping you feel safe and secure for the future.



Emma is a Master of Law and trained as a barrister, called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple in March 2021. Emma studied Law with Criminology LLB at the University of Surrey and completed the BPTC LLM at the University of Law. Emma has been working as a will writer for 3 years. In her personal life, Emma enjoys competing as an equestrian.

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Emma Baker

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Emma speaks to Nick from Brilliant Businesses about Wills, LPAs and her journey into the profession.




  • Single Will - £125
  • Mirror Wills - £200

A Will is a legal document which sets out your wishes for when you die. 

You appoint Executors to handle your estate and your chosen beneficiaries to inherit. You may also include sections such as guardians or any specific gifts.

Without a Will, you lose control over how your estate is distributed.

Will Trusts

A Trust can add an extra layer of protection to your Will. A Trust works somewhat like a box, instead of the assets passing directly to your beneficiaries the assets go into the box (the Trust) for safekeeping, adding protection against various factors.


We offer two types of Trust:


Property Protection Trust

A Property Protection Trust, also known as a Life Interest Trust, is a tool to ‘ringfence’ your property to protect it for your beneficiaries.

Common uses for this Trust include protection against hostile creditors or protection against remarriage.

The Trust allows for a person to remain living in the property without owning it. At the end of the Trust, the property passes to your beneficiaries.


Discretionary Trust

A Discretionary Trust allows you to leave an inheritance for your beneficiaries at the discretion of your Trustees. The Trust can benefit a number of people (you must have at least two beneficiaries) and allows the Trustees to distribute the assets as they see fit. You can write a Letter of Wishes to your Trustees to give them guidance.

Common uses for this Trust include protection against a beneficiaries change in circumstances (such as marriage/divorce or financial hardship) or to protect a vulnerable person who may not be able to manage their own inheritance.

  • Single Will with Trust- £225
  • Mirror Wills with Trust - £400

Lasting Powers of Attorney

  • Lasting Power of Attorney Single (1 document) - £250

  • Lasting Power of Attorney Single Combined (2 documents ) - £400

  • Lasting Power of Attorney Double (2 documents ) - £400

  • Lasting Power of Attorney Double Combined (4 documents ) - £600

Lasting Powers of Attorney are documents used during your lifetime to allow someone to act on your behalf if you lose mental capacity.

There are 2 types: Property/Finance and Health/Welfare.

*Plus £82 OPG registration fees per LPA*

Financial Advice

We work with two exceptional financial advisors.


The Penny Group based in London and Rock Financial Advisors based in Hastings but both catering for clients across the UK.


Part of our customer focused ethos means we only recommend other businesses who share the same values. 


Please contact us if you would like to know more about their services or use the links below to contact them directly.

The Penny Group

Rock Financial Advisors


We work with brilliant solicitors who offer support with probate, including full estate administration or grant only.

Please contact us if you would like to be referred.

Will Storage

Your Will is a very important document. It should be kept safe as if it is lost or damaged in any way, it could be invalid.

  • Single Will - £20

  • Mirror Wills - £30

Taken by annual Direct Debit. You are free to cancel at any time.

We can store other documents such as LPAs or deeds.

You will receive a storage ID card and a copy of your Will for your records.

The storage package also entitles you to free amendments to your Will in the future.

* All prices are inclusive of VAT.



Innovation Centre, Highfield Drive, Hastings, TN38 9UH 

Opening Hours - Monday to Friday - 9:00am - 5:30pm 



Full Member of the Society of Will Writers

Find a Member - The Society of Will Writers

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